Why Do Companies and Clubs Custom Their Badges?

Jenny 2024-06-13
Custom badges serve as a powerful tool for identity and branding. For companies, they enhance professional image, foster team spirit, and make employees easily identifiable. Custom badges for clubs build a sense of belonging and pride among members, while also promoting the club's identity and values. Both use badges to create a cohesive and recognizable presence, making a lasting impression on clients, partners, and the community.

Various metal badges are customized to be worn,which symbolize identity and occupation. Company badges and club badges are kinds of custom metal badges, which are generally made by stamping, die-casting, and biting processes. The surface of the badge can be electroplated with gold, ancient gold, ancient silver, nickel and other electroplating effects. It has the characteristics of simple and smooth lines, concavity and convexity of the pattern, etc. Surface color crafts such as baking varnish, enamel, printing, etc. These can be used to make the product more rich.

1. Promote the Image of Company and Club

Customized badges for company and club can help them promote their image. Because the personalized badge can be printed with the company’s or club’s LOGO and pattern, and the image and culture can be spread through gifts, exhibitions and other means, which will better deepen the impression of the brand in the minds of users.

2. Collection and Commemorative Value

Company or club badge customization Customized metal badges are generally made of gold, silver, copper, alloy and other materials, equipped with matching packaging can be used as ornaments, and also have the value of investment and collection.

3. Short Production Cycle 

Custom crafts' badge customization requires only about 10-15 days after determine the material, size, design drawing and other issues of the product. It depending on the production requirements of the product.

Custom crafts specializes in providing enterprises with customized programs for opening anniversaries, listings, conference activities, image promotion, and business gifts. Gold and silver souvenirs, gold and silver medals, gold and silver badges, gold and silver brooches, gold and silver ornaments, gold and silver plates, medals , Medals, etc.

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