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Custom Crafts specializes in creating custom challenge coinss in bulk that capture the essence of your brand or organization. Using only high-quality materials, we produce exquisite custom military and challenge coins that stand as true works of art. Let us help you design the perfect coin to represent your unique identity.

High Quality Custom Coins

At Custom Crafts, our extensive experience spans years of crafting top-tier custom token coins, logo coins and personalized military coins for a diverse clientele. From educational institutions, air force and navy to companies and local businesses, we've catered to a wide array of clients, understanding and meeting their unique specifications and standards. Regardless of our clients' backgrounds, as one of the best military coin manufacturers, we approach each with the same level of dedication and respect, believing that exceptional customer service is as crucial as delivering exceptional products. Our commitment lies in ensuring that every customer enjoys the finest experience when partnering with us. . So if you’re looking to get custom coins made with care and attention to detail, look no further than Custom Crafts.

Custom Made Challenge Coins Types

Choose from our wide range of custom token coins to start your personalization.

Soft Enamel Coin

  • Soft enamel coins are known for their vibrant colors and detailed designs. Enamel is applied to the depressions, creating a textured look that contrasts with the raised metal surface.
  • Whether commemorating an event, representing an organization, or celebrating a milestone, soft enamel coins can be designed in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • The enamel coating is also resistant to fading and abrasion, ensuring that the coins retain their appearance for a long period of time, even with regular use.

Hard Enamel Coin

  • The enamel is polished flush with the metal surface, creating a smooth, hard surface that is resistant to scratches and wear. 
  • Enamel is baked at high temperatures to harden the material and give it a jewelry-like appearance. 

Epoxy Coin

  • The epoxy coating provides a protective layer to the coin's design, preventing scratches, wear, and fading. This gives epoxy coins a high degree of durability and ensures that they retain their original appearance despite frequent use.
  • AestheticsEpoxy coins have a shiny, smooth surface that enhances their visual appeal. The epoxy resin layer allows for brighter colors and clearer details, giving the coin a textured, glossy look that makes it stand out.


Hollow-Carved Challenge Coin

  • Hollow or skeletonized portions of coins can create intricate and eye-catching designs that stand out from standard solid coins, and skeletonized shapes can add to the symbolism of a coin.
  • Hollow engraved coins offer greater design flexibility, allowing for creative expression in response to specific events, organizations or achievements.

Antique Die Struck Coin

  • The antique finish gives the coins a weathered and weathered look. Craftsmanship and Artistry Die-cast coins are made using traditional manufacturing methods that require a high degree of skill and craftsmanship.
  • Each coin is meticulously struck from metal molds with precise details and crisp lines. The intricate designs and fine details demonstrate the artistic level and attention to detail of the coin maker.

Coin With Bottle Opener

  • It has the practical function of a bottle opener and the compactness and portability of a coin, making it a convenient bottle opener to carry around.
  • Easy to carry in your pocket, purse, or keychain, can be used for a variety of occasions, including parties, picnics, barbecues, camping, or outdoor activities.
  • They provide a convenient solution for opening bottles of beer, soda, or other beverages without the need for a separate tool. 
  • Its innovative design and dual functionality make it stand out as a novelty accessory that is sure to be noticed and complimented by others. 

Dual Plating Coin

  • Double plating combines two different metal surfaces on the same coin to create a stunning visual effect. This contrast adds depth and dimension to the design that
  • The combination of different metal surfaces opens up creative design possibilities, including the incorporation of a wide range of colors, textures and patterns into the design of the coin.

Military Coin

  • Receiving or presenting a military decoration is a sign of respect and honor that strengthens the bond between the individual and the unit. 
  • Recognition of Achievement Military merit badges are often used to recognize outstanding achievements, acts of bravery, or exceptional service.
  • Morale Boost Receiving a military coin can boost morale and instill a sense of pride and belonging in a service member.


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