Hello Kitty Brand Cooperation Case

Hello Kitty, is a Chinese name for Hello Kitty or Kitty. Sanrio is a Japanese mascot created in 1974.


In August 2016, we received an email from Japan Mis Huizi notice ” if your company produce my design Hello Kitty badges and also keychains or not? my company needs a very high quality with QC product, T/T payment before shipment do you agree?” We replied to customers in one minute that we agreed to their design and payment, our factory has 10 QC processes in our factory producing line so no need to worry about the quality. We were also very confident that we could pass the customer’s QC, and we also sent photos of other products to let customers check our product quality. He is still worried about the product quality, so we asked him for a factory visit at any time. The customer immediately bought a ticket and told us his arrival time. On August 20th, we picked up the customers from Guangzhou Airport. On the way to our factory, we talked about Chinese culture, food, tourist attractions, etc.


Two hours later, we arrived at the factory. First, we showed our customers the history of our factory development and the scale of future development. Then we guided the customers to visit our sample room to check the quality of our products. Finally, we showed the customers to visit the production workshop. After the visit, they gave us a thumbs up and felt that we met all of their requirements.


The customer immediately let us quote 8thousands pcs and then paid the 30%deposit to us for the next production step.


30 days later, he will come over to check the quality of the product. After 30 days, the customer came to the factory again for the QC. QC was in the entire order, and the guests were very satisfied with the quality and immediately gave us the final payment.


So far, customers have placed many times of orders per year. And for his trust of our factory, he ever comes to the factory for quality checking.

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