NBC Universal Brand Cooperation Case

NBC Universal owns us television network, several cable channels, and a number of local us television stations, as well as film studios, television studios, and theme parks. And they are also a year-round purchasing company of gifts and promotional items.


In 2014, we received an email from a US Michael who said “We saw Disney certification on your website and found that you produced a lot of Disney badgeskeychains, etc. through your factory’s Disney number. But you only had Disney certification, can you also do NBC Universal products, So you are willing to do one more NBC Universal certification?”



As we know NBC Universal, Inc. is a US-based entertainment and media company that we can make long-time cooperation in many businesses, and also since we have experience with Disney audits, we are confident that we can successfully pass the NBC Universal certification. So we immediately replied at the first time to the customer by email and told him that we could match up with NBC Universal certification and perfect NBC Universal products, we are sure we will pass the audit of cooperating with their trial order of 10thousands. 


Because we have the experience gained from the last Disney certification, we only spent 15 days to finish preparing. On August 15, 2014, we officially passed the NBCU Universal certification. In September, our customer sent the sample for us to start producing. Same as the Disney case, we spent the shortest time finishing the sample and sent it for testing.


A week later, the customer officially informed us that we could produce large goods. So far we have been working very well with NBCU. Below are products related to NBC Universal and customers' comments.


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